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Perfect Rider Plus (Kurnia)

Perfect Rider Plus enhances your existing motor insurance policies to give you extra protection from accidents, breakdowns and other unwanted occurrences on the road. Get extra peace-of-mind and more financial support against the unexpected, for both you and your passengers.

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Driver Passenger Personal Accident (Kurnia)

Providing protection for drivers and passengers while driving, riding as a passenger, boarding or alighting, Driver & Passengers’ Personal Accident Insurance provides additional coverage for all motor vehicle owners as well as their drivers and passengers

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Cash Care PA Insurance (Etiqa)

An accident plan that adds value to your car insurance coverage, it covers death and permanent disability benefits for driver and passengers , 24-hour breakdown assistance, with Unlimited free towing service and RM500 cash allowance.

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Passenger Driver Plan (P&O)

Our Passenger’s Driver Plan (PDP) Insurance pays in the event of bodily injury, permanent disablement and death due to violent, accidental, external and visible events while driving or riding or boarding or alighting a motorcycle, private car, private van, taxi or commercial vehicle.


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