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Kurnia Fire 365 (Kurnia)

Kurnia’s Fire 365 covers your property against perils such as fire and explosions. It also further offers additional coverage against flood, falling trees, earthquakes, riots and much more.

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Householder Plus (Kurnia)

Kurnia householder Plus offers home contents insurance to protect your personal items against theft and damage.

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Fire Insurance (P&O)

P&O Fire Insurance pays for the loss or damage to your property/premise when destroyed/damaged by Fire, Lightning or domestic explosion.

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Householder Content (P&O)

P&O Houseowner Insurance covers for the loss or damage to your house by Fire, Lightning and domestic explosion inclusive with perils extension.

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Allianz Smart Home Insurance

Tailor-make your home insurance according to your wants and needs to ensure that your home gets the most suitable coverage.


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